Events & Catering


A Notte combines the hearty welcome of a backyard barbecue with the farm-to-table perspective and attentive service of downtown’s buzziest restaurants. In Italian, a notte means “one night,” as all our culinary events are designed for a specific place and time. Our specialty is sourcing exceptional ingredients and crafting eye-opening cuisine, while ensuring every guest feels like part of the family.

From five-course feasts to small bites and beverage pairings, we’ve designed experiences for every possible party size and style. What never changes is our bar-setting standard of hospitality—eliminating the fuss and formality of old-school fine dining. 


Founder - Marielle D’Onofrio

Raised in the restaurant business, a sense of service runs in Marielle’s blood. Her east coast upbringing exposed her to diverse international and regional cuisines—from curries and clam bakes to spaghetti carbonara. First hustling her way through Washington DC’s refined restaurant scene, then pursuing formal hospitality studies in Italy, Marielle eventually found her calling in the sourcing and cultivation of high quality ingredients.

Upon returning stateside, Marielle apprenticed at a culinary herb farm in Kansas, where she gained an appreciation for the subtle nuances—or bold pops of flavor—that fresh and unusual herbs can bring to a dish. She then relocated to Denver, overseeing the aquaponics program—and, subsequently, sales and distribution—for The Growhaus, a nonprofit community farm on the outskirts of downtown. This latter role entrenched Marielle in the city’s rapidly evolving culinary scene, as she forged and developed relationships with some of Denver’s finest chefs and restaurateurs.

Drawing from her breadth of personal experience and wealth of industry connections, Marielle carefully curates the ideal ingredients for every occasion—from farm-fresh produce and locally grown flowers to Colorado’s finest culinary talent.